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Women's Clinic Johannesburg | Private, Safe Abortion Procedures at Our Clinic 

Johannesburg women’s clinic in Tembisa, Sandton & Soweto can assist you. We offer private abortions to women up to 24 weeks into their pregnancies. Book here.Our women’s clinic offers three conveniently located abortion clinics in Johannesburg, Sandton, Soweto & Tembisa for women who are considering having a safe abortion. We provide a friendly, safe, professional and comfortable environment for women who have decided to have an abortion procedure. We are proud of our reputation for treating each patient with distinctive care and the utmost respect. Because of this, we receive many referrals from doctors, hospitals, and clinics across the tri-state area. We offer same-day appointments Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday.

We offer various surgical and non-surgical, medical abortion methods. Please read below for more information. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your individual options, please call us at 0606209256/ 0110394602 .